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We are thrilled to be finally launching MyRecoveryCheque exclusively to Capital Cover agents in the Republic of Ireland. This offering is available to our brokers as a full cycle product.

Medical Recovery Insurance starting at €2.99* per week for a 45 year old.

For more information visit MyRecoveryCheque FAQ Page

  • MyRecoveryCheque is a low-cost insurance protection product that differs from traditional private and corporate hospital cash plans by providing a range of generous financial benefits that are tiered to reflect the recovery time for a medical procedure.
  • Designed for private individuals and employers, our policies represent a fresh approach to standard hospital schemes that offer set cash benefits geared to the time spent in hospital irrespective of the length of time an employee is unable to work.
  • MyRecoveryCheque policies provide a vital injection of cash to cover all out-of-pocket expenses and a reduced income to help individuals and their families manage until they're expected to return to work

*€2.99 per week based on annual premium of €155.88 for a 45 year old Silver Level premium

An affordable and simple protection that provides an adequate cash injection and peace of mind when you need it most. A viable alternative to costly income protection that provides you a hassle free cash sum from €250 to €20,000 on "day one" for any accident or illness that requires an unplanned hospital procedure be it as an in patient or out patient and includes cover for cancer and heart attacks.

It gives a valuable fall back to cushion any unbudgeted costs... MyRecoveryCheque payments allows you to put cash into your back pocket whilst you recuperate, take days off work, pay for consequent childcare or physiotherapy bills... take a well earned holiday or use it to help pay medical bills should ever-rising healthcare plans be out of reach to either an employer and his staff or the self-employed.

Put simply, the money paid to you is proportionate and banded according to the seriousness of your procedure and condition and the typical recovery time required for it - under the Platinum Plan a traction of a fractured bone is designated band D and designated as requiring a prolonged recovery (more than two months) triggering a €20,000 payment, whereas a Knee Replacement procedure would trigger a €6,000 payment - falling into band C and requiring recovery and return to light manual working up to one to two months. A hernia repair falling into band B would have a recovery and return to light manual work in up to two to three weeks and would therefore trigger a payment of €1,500 whereas minor surgery with quick return to work times such as tonsil removal or outer ear surgery would trigger a €500 payment - falling into band A and requiring recovery and return to light manual work in a few days.

Why Purchase MyRecoveryCheque?

  • Pays various amounts based on banded typical recovery time as determined by leading doctors and occupational health consultants - easy to understand!
  • If you return to work before the MyRecoveryCheque allocated recovery time - cash given to you is not reduced.
  • Includes cover for cancer* and heart attacks- *first diagnosis.
  • All and every medical procedure is banded and catered for.
  • Simple cash sum payment.
  • Unlike some hospital cash plans, MyRecoveryCheque payment does not require an overnight hospital stay.
  • No excess- as long as not pre planned or pre diagnosed when bought policy will pay from "day one".
  • No medical Underwriting or timely form filling to obtain cover- provide age and Name!
  • Cheaper than income protection and/or costly disability cover.
  • Healthcare costs out of reach or not "cost effective" for many.
  • 6 simple main exclusions which exclude Pre-planned (when policy bought) procedures, diagnosis of condition procedures (biopsy), pregnancy and childbirth, dental procedures, cosmetic surgery and recurrences of cancer.
  • Importantly it pays "you" directly and not the hospital or care provider- so great for:
  • Self employed - may have no access to an employer backed scheme or other "unaffordable" protection.
  • Employees - additional duty of care benefit to cover their unplanned out of pocket expenses whether they have employer backed healthcare or not.
  • Employers - they can be paid directly too if they wish and can cover costs for staff absences be it to help pay temporary staff cover or sick pay.

MyRecoveryCheque in the real world...

  • 33 year old Sean O'Reilly suddenly had severe pain in his abdomen and had to go into hospital to have his appendix removed. He used his MyRecoveryCheque payment to pay for his transport costs to hospital and help stay at home for two weeks while he got better.
  • 47 year old Anna Healy needed a hysterectomy that meant that she had to stay in bed for two weeks.
    She used her MyRecoveryCheque payment to help pay for childcare.
  • 54 year old self-employed plumber Connor O'Brien underwent a knee operation that left him unable to work for a month. Being self-employed his payment from MyRecoveryCheque came in very handy.
  • 61 year old Siobhan Walsh had recently retired from working in her shop but was told that she needed a hip replacement. After her operation, she used her MyRecoveryCheque payment to help pay for a restful holiday.

Brokers wishing to purchase please then revisit this page and you will be redirected to the MyRecoveryCheque order page.